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NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 – Talent Meets Innovation with Deep-Tech Startups

NASSCOM’s annual Product Conclave event kicked off yesterday at Taj Yeshwantpur in Bengaluru. The event is scheduled for November 5 – 6 at the same venue wherein emerging entrepreneurs and deep-tech startups join hands in showcasing their product innovations and solutions for a better tomorrow.

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019
NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019

India’s emerging startup ecosystem holds the key to accomplishing the 10X growth challenge for nurturing a sustainable economy in the coming years.

NASSCOM has done a splendid job in assembling an expert panel of corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs to showcase some wonderful insights into the emerging trends of technology.

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 - Mobility Summit event
NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 – Mobility Summit event

There were debates and demos held as part of the round-table conference event, besides a separate exhibit area featuring dozens of emerging startups and ecosystem enablers.

Some of those key giveaways include micro-mobility (the last mile), AI and machine learning, medical diagnostics, precision agriculture, predictive analytics, fraud detection, and Drone Tech with aerial mapping.

As part of the Day 1’s NASSCOM Product Conclave agenda, we managed to learn some key insights into the Skylark’s Drone Tech and the emerging micro-mobility trends with Yulu, Blowhorn, and Dunzo in the Mobility Summit event.

Skylark Drone Tech and Aerial Mapping – Challenges and Solutions Discussed

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 – Talent Meets Innovation with Deep-Tech Startups 1
DJI MG-1S – Agricultural Wonder Drone

India is still embracing the nascent development stages of Drone tech as there are no security policies in place to curb the menace of privacy issues, besides the massive challenges of scalability and commercial licensing issues.

An estimated 6 lakh rogue drones are already intruding the aerial-traffic space without any stringent rules in place. Basic guidelines and rules like ‘No Permission No Take-Off’ is mandatory to prevent hazardous and illegal ways of spying/stalking or causing harm to someone’s private property.

The current drone monitoring space is limited to a few hundred feet from the ground-level controller. Consequently, such an arrangement works well within the constraints of the micro-mobility services like localised food delivery systems and special-purpose drone cameras (like those used at wedding ceremonies).

Although a handful of drones could fly with minimal air-traffic controlling measures, it will be a tedious task to control or monitor them if hundreds of drones are deployed within a few square miles of each other as in the case of commercial airlines taking off from the same airport.

There has been extensive work going on in terms of app-based aerial mapping techniques and drone-identification methods using trackers or ID chips. These ID chips could contain the licensing information, owner info and location details of the drone.

These chips help us distinguish the licensed drones from unlicensed or rogue ones. Thereby, the law-enforcement officials can take down a rogue drone if it is found violating the private/public airspace rules or guidelines.

As advanced air-traffic controlling measures for drones are still a work in progress, it may take a few more years before drone-based micro-services take off in India on a commercial scale.

Micro-Mobility Challenges and Solutions with Yulu, Blowhorn and Dunzo

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 – Talent Meets Innovation with Deep-Tech Startups 2

In macro or metro cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi, we have always been at the receiving end of traffic jams and commuting woes due to bigger vehicles, narrower roads, and unrelenting population explosion.

The rising air and noise pollution levels in these metro cities are further compounding a daily commuter’s hapless and tedious travel routines. So, the first mile and the last mile are the keys to connecting to metro stations across the city for embracing an environment-friendly travel solution.

Yulu, Blowhorn, and Dunzo are constantly working to realise this dream of commuting (passengers and goods) comfortably and in time without a sweat. Blowhorn and Dunzo focus on localised goods-delivery systems while Yulu has unleashed battery-powered bikes for short-distance commuting.

Meanwhile, Narrow roads and disappearing corner pavement parking spaces are the biggest challenges faced by Blowhorn mini-trucks as they attempt delivering the goods to the last mile for superior customer satisfaction.

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019 – Talent Meets Innovation with Deep-Tech Startups 3
Dunzy vs Swiggy Go – The battle of hyperlocals

For Dunzo, the biggest challenge is to ensure the balance between demand and supply of their services as it competes with Swiggy Go in the hyperlocal battle for market share.

 If demand falls below the supply, their delivery partners tend to make less money on a daily basis. On the other hand, Dunzo has to satisfy its customers with the last mile delivery challenge even when demand exceeds supply.

On the other hand, Yulu has faced logistics issues in finding appropriate pick-up and drop zones for its EV bicycles.

Although these bicycles are fitted with ID-chips or trackers, they could still be stolen and later abandoned at inappropriate locations. So, Yulu is working hard with localised bouncers and helpers to track down the thieves and/or blacklist careless customers from further using their service.

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